We let the facts speak for themselves.

Top 1% Producer of all Realtors in the USA.

Luxury Expertise with a $3.2 Million Average Sale Price.

Landmark Sales in Newport Coast and Corona Del Mar

Coastal Property Emphasis in Orange County

It’s not just smart homes that need smart marketing.


You need an ace to win.

Southern California is amongst the most competitive markets globally, with coastal Orange County showcasing some of the most desirable zip codes in the United States. Selling a home is competitive and fast paced, and every dollar in a high value listing requires precision and attentiveness by the listing agent. Katrina Smith and our team at Pinpoint Properties are here to deliver.


You’re never just a number.

Listing a home for sale is a personal decision for some, and a simple business transaction for others. Whatever your reasoning may be, our team is committed to dedicating the time, attention and effort needed to make every property sale a success. Where the large corporate brokerages may have thousands of properties to push at once, we’re focused on you.


Expect results.

From the first meeting to the close of escrow and beyond, our team and broker are all hands on deck to answer your questions and provide value for you and your home. Making the time to do showing follow ups and answer your questions and needs isn’t extra work – it’s just what you should expect.

A few of our tried and true methods:

  • Targeted Advertising
  • Dedicated In-House Web Development
  • International Outreach & Syndication
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Region-Specific Big Data Analysis
  • Metadata Rich Videography

A locals-only team.

Who knows a neighborhood better than the locals? Our resident expert, listing specialist, and lead broker Katrina Smith has thrived in real estate for over 10 years, and is a native to the coastal Orange County area. With an honest passion for real estate marketing and investing, she has proven to be one of the strongest Realtors in the community by sharing her expertise, professionalism, and grit to make every client her priority.

The people behind the scenes are our agents, transaction coordinators, and assistants that collaboratively make everything run efficiently and timely. From your first contact, we’re making sure every detail is noted, and that you experience unparalleled service. We’re the neighbors that want you to succeed.


Every property has unique features that add value in the marketplace. Identifying and leveraging those features is crucial to getting traction and setting your home apart from the competition. Using our best practices of film, photography, and marketing, we want to help you succeed in your next transaction from the start to finish.