Value Bomb: Best Time to List Your Home for Sale?

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There’s a common misconception that the best time to list your home for sale is during the spring and summertime.

That’s actually false, at least here in coastal Orange County, and it’s because sales volume doesn’t drop proportionally to the drop in inventory. So, statistically speaking, it’s actually a better time to list your home for sale during the winter months there’s less competition and it’s all about supply and demand.

Buyers are more likely to stay focused on your home during the winter months, versus spring and summer time there are just new listings popping up left and right that are more likely to distract buyers. Overall showing volume is just slower, things are slower during the winter months, but of those showings, the buyers are typically much more serious and ready to make a move.

So it’s quality over quantity, but also we have such amazing weather here year round that there aren’t any weather obstacles preventing buyers from coming out and taking a look at properties.

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