Value Bomb: Death in a Home

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In the spirit of Halloween, I have a morbid value bomb topic for you about death in a home.

If somebody dies in a property, and let’s say their heirs or their spouse then lists the property for sale, they have to disclose the death if it happened within three years. The only loophole would be if the death was due to AIDS – technically that would be discriminatory to disclose. But otherwise, it definitely has to be disclosed to any potential buyers.

You may think that’s taboo or maybe it’s more difficult to sell a home where someone has died. I can tell you here in Coastal Orange County I’ve sold plenty of homes where there’s been a peaceful passing in the home. Because demand overall is just so high here, there isn’t a discount associated with death in a home, and most buyers are just willing to fire up the sage sticks and move on and make the home their own.

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