Value Bomb: 3 Mistakes That Sellers Make

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These are the 3 biggest mistakes that sellers make when selling a home:

The first of the mistakes that sellers make is not having showing flexibility. In a perfect world, buyers would always give 24 hour notice before they want to see a home. But in reality, it just doesn’t work out that way. There are inevitably those last minute showing requests and buyers want to see it at the drop of the hat. It can be an inconvenience to a seller to get the home ready and be out quickly, but just keep in mind, all you need is one buyer, and you don’t want that buyer to get distracted. There’s a chance they don’t reschedule and they don’t come back so you never want to miss a showing.

The second biggest mistake is spending upgrade or fix- it money in the wrong areas of a home, that won’t ultimately reap a return. You’ll want to talk to a real estate pro that knows the market, knows what buyers value, and not throw good money after bad improvements.

The third biggest mistake, the deadliest of all, is overpricing a home. Simply put, if a home is very overpriced, buyers will ignore it and it will actually hurt the marketability rather than help it. A home that’s priced right from the start has the greatest chance for success on the market.

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