Value Bomb: Planning To Remodel a Home

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Check below for the transcript of our Planning to Remodel a Home video:

My value bomb for your today is about how to start off on the right foot when planning to remodel or completely rebuild a property. It’s surprisingly simple to begin:

What I recommend doing is drive around the neighborhood and pick a couple properties that you like the most that’s the closest match to what you’re looking to do. Take those addresses into the city and ask them to see the plans on file for them and they will pull up the plans for you, you’ll see who the architect is. There’s going to be a stamp on the plans with their names, so take note of that.

You can also see who the general contractor was as well. A simple Google search will likely lead you to their contact information. At least that way you are starting off with someone’s work your already admire and it will likely get you what you want more quickly.

There is of course multiple other things that you can do to prepare for a remodel. Think about the types of materials that appeal to you ahead of time so that the architect or contractor can assist. Figure out what rooms are of the greatest priority to you. Mostly, work with quality people.

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