Value Bomb: Plotting Easements Before Purchase

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Check below for the transcript of the Plotting Easements video:

Key value bomb for you today about plotting easements before you purchase your property. Typically, you will get into escrow, and you will get a preliminary title report. It will tell you if you have easements on the property. But, preliminary title reports are very difficult for the average buyer to read. They are full of legal terminology.

What you will want to do is ask to have your easements plotted visually. That way you can see where they are versus just reading about them. There is a big difference between having an easement at the back of the property line where you couldn’t build anyway in comparison to having one going right down the middle of your backyard. That could prevent you from putting in a pool or expanding your home down the road. There are definitely value implications there and you will want to get those easements plotted.

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